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Pure Adulteration Cheating on Nature in the Age of Manufactured Food
ISBN: HB: 9780226377926, University of Chicago Press, January 2020
320 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 61 halftones
In the late nineteenth century, extraordinary changes in food and agriculture gave rise to new tensions in the ways people understood, obtained, trusted, and ate their food. This was the Era of Adulteration, and its concerns have carried forward to t...
Place at the Table New American Recipes From The Nation's Top Foreign-Born Chefs
ISBN: HB: 9783791385181, Prestel Publishing, September 2019
256 pp., 28x20 cm, 120 colour and black&white illus.
Today, some of the country's most exciting chefs hail from distant shores and they're infusing their restaurants' menus with the flavors of their heritage. Featuring the recipes of forty top foreign-born chefs, this book presents dishes from luminari...
Plant Power Bowls 70 Seasonal Vegan Recipes to Boost Energy and Promote Wellness
ISBN: HB: 9781632172068, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, June 2019
192 pp., 20.3x17.1 cm, colour illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! In her first cookbook, Sapana offers nutritionally sound and simple (but so satisfying!) plant-based power bowls to boost your energy and fuel your body. Recipes are arranged seasonally so you can make the most o...
Poke Bowls 50 Nutrient-Packed Recipes for Hawaiian-Inspired Bowls
ISBN: PB: 9781454926795, GMC Group, Sterling, June 2018
144 pp., 20.3x17.8 cm, full colour illus.
Originating in Hawaii, poke bowls – most often, marinated sushi-grade fish tossed in a soy-based sauce accompanied by rice, vegetables and other accoutrements – have become a hot trend in restaurants across the US. This fresh, easy-to-use guide gives...
Passionate Nutrition A Guide to Using Food as Medicine from a Nutritionist Who Healed Herself from the Inside Out
ISBN: HB: 9781570619458, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, January 2015
288 pp., 27.6x20.3 cm, black&white illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! This power foods healthy living guidebook will inspire readers to eat well, lose weight and embrace food as medicine. 'Food as medicine' is a powerfully healing way to eat and was embraced by nutritionist Jennife...
Put an Egg on It 70 Delicious Dishes That Deserve a Sunny Topping
ISBN: PB: 9781570618796, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, November 2013
176 pp., 21.6x18.5 cm, colour illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! Eggs are among the staples in most households around the world because they're nutritious, a great source of protein, readily available, and affordable. They also happen to be delicious! Put an Egg on It is a col...
PDT Cocktail Book The Complete Bartender's Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy
ISBN: HB: 9781402779237, GMC Group, Sterling, February 2012
368 pp., 21x13.4 cm, colour illus.
Beautifully illustrated, designed and crafted, just like its namesake, this is the ultimate bar book by NYC's most meticulous bartender, Jim Meehan. To say that PDT is a unique bar is an understatement. It recalls the era of hidden Prohibition speake...
Panini Express 70 delicious Recipes Hot Off the Press
ISBN: HB: 9781561589609, GMC Group, Taunton Press, March 2008
152 pp., 18x18 cm, colour illus.
Paninis – filled baguettes that are put through a press to warm up the filling and give the bread a delicious grilled flavour – have traversed the continent from Italy to grace discerning Italian restaurants, restaurant chains, high-end cafes and san...
Pasta and Pizza
ISBN: PB: 9780979405716, University of Chicago Press, Prickly Paradigm Press, November 2007
120 pp., 17.8x11.4 cm
Pasta and pizza, in all their infinitely delicious and universally appealing varieties, are inextricably connected to Italian identity. These familiar foods not only represent Italy's culinary traditions, according to anthropologist Franco La Cecla,...