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Dumplings = Love 40 Innovative Recipes From Around the World
ISBN: HB: 9781632172969, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, January 2021
176 pp., 20.9x17.8 cm, colour illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! Shumai, gyoza, mandu, komber, pierogis: a dumpling by any other name would taste as comforting. The original comfort food in every culture, the humble dumpling takes center stage in this full-color cookbook. Auth...
Dips and Spreads Guide
ISBN: HB: 9781760790493, Bookport, New Holland Publishers, July 2020
224 pp., 21.7x14.7 cm, colour illus.
When you think about dips, what usually comes to mind is the classic party dish in a bowl surrounded by crackers or potato chips of various descriptions or, for the more vegetally inclined, chopped up sticks of carrots, cucumber and celery. Dips are...
Drink Better Beer Discover the Secrets of the Brewing Experts
ISBN: HB: 9781454933113, GMC Group, Sterling, October 2019
224 pp., 23.5x21.6 cm, colour illus.
With thousands of breweries creating a dizzying array of beers each year, learning from the experts is practically a necessity for the modern beer lover. Luckily, beer guru Joshua M. Bernstein is here to tap their wisdom for you, with sage advice abo...
Drinking for Two Nutritious Mocktails for the Mom-To-Be
ISBN: HB: 9781944515829, GMC Group, Blue Star Press, September 2019
160 pp., 19.8x18 cm, colour illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! This book features over 45 nutritious mocktail recipes carefully crafted with purpose to maximise flavour, deliver essential nutrients and antioxidants and target common pregnancy symptoms, all leading to a healt...
Doughnuts 90 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home
ISBN: HB: 9781632171252, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, November 2018
208 pp., 21x17.8 cm, colour illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! A fresh doughnut and a cup of coffee is a match made in heaven for many of us. And doughnuts are actually easy to make at home. Be prepared to be tempted by all 90 recipes, including favourite classics like old-f...
Designer's Cookbook 12 Colours, 12 Menus
ISBN: HB: 9783791348995, Prestel Publishing, April 2014
208 pp., 27x21 cm, 200 colour illus.
This unique and beautifully produced cookbook presents an innovative take on menu design for the home cook as well as the practiced gourmet. Looking for something new to try in the kitchen? How about a delicious dinner in which each course – from ap...