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Botany of Gin
ISBN: HB: 9781851245536, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2020
112 pp., 21x14.8 cm, 35 colour illus.
From its roots in ancient Greek herbal medicine, the popular spirit we now know as gin was established by the Dutch in the sixteenth century as a juniper-infused tincture to cure fevers. It gained notoriety during the London 'gin craze' in the eighte...
How We Fell in Love with Italian Food
ISBN: HB: 9781851245123, Bodleian Library Publishing, October 2019
256 pp., 25.4x19.7 cm, 68 colour illus.
Pizza, pasta, pesto and olive oil: today, it's hard to imagine any supermarket without these items. But how did these foods – and many more Italian ingredients – become so widespread and popular? This book maps the extraordinary progress of Italian...
Tea, Coffee and Chocolate How We Fell in Love with Caffeine
ISBN: HB: 9781851244065, Bodleian Library Publishing, October 2015
176 pp., 17x11 cm, 20 black&white illus.
Did you know that coffee was recommended as protection against the bubonic plague in the seventeenth century? Or that tea was believed to make men "unfit to do their business" and blamed for women becoming unattractive? On the other hand, a cup of ch...
Food Lovers' Anthology A Literary Compendium
ISBN: HB: 9781851244218, Bodleian Library Publishing, October 2014
320 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm, 20 black&white illus.
"There is no love sincerer than the love of food" wrote George Bernard Shaw in 1903. Poets, novelists, chefs and gourmands before and after him would seem to agree. Collected in this anthology is a mouth-watering selection of excerpts on the subject...
Ralph Ayres' Cookery Book
ISBN: HB: 9781851240753, Bodleian Library Publishing, January 2006
96 pp., 25x17.6 cm, 72 colour illus.
At a dinner in New College, Oxford in 1774, the first course included cod with oysters, ham, fowls, boiled beef, rabbits smothered with onions, mutton, veal collops, pork griskins (lean part of the loin), New College Puddings, mince pies, and roots (...