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Vegan on a Budget 125 Healthy, Wallet-Friendly, Plant-Based Recipes
ISBN: PB: 9781454936978, GMC Group, Sterling, September 2020
240 pp., 22.6x20.3 cm, colour illus.
Eating vegan on the cheap CAN be luxurious! Be kind to your wallet, your body, and the environment too with this up-to-date, plant-based cookbook from Nava Atlas, one of the most respected authors in the world of vegan cooking. Enjoy delicious, healt...
BREW A Graphic Guide to Home Brewing
ISBN: HB: 9781781452783, GMC Group, Ammonite Press, June 2017
128 pp., 28x21.5 cm, colour illus.
Part of the infographic 4-Letter Word series, each containing 4 chapters to teach how to PLAN, MAKE, PLAY and GROW. The words are kept to a minimum as an expert author employs illuminating and entertaining illustrations, infographics, charts, tips an...
Passionate Nutrition A Guide to Using Food as Medicine from a Nutritionist Who Healed Herself from the Inside Out
ISBN: HB: 9781570619458, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, January 2015
288 pp., 27.6x20.3 cm, black&white illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! This power foods healthy living guidebook will inspire readers to eat well, lose weight and embrace food as medicine. 'Food as medicine' is a powerfully healing way to eat and was embraced by nutritionist Jennife...
Aguecheek's Beef, Belch's Hiccup, and Other Gastronomic Interjections Literature, Culture, and Food Among the Early Moderns
ISBN: PB: 9780226021270, ISBN: HB: 9780226021263, University of Chicago Press, June 2012
376 pp., 23x15 cm, 21 halftones
We didn't always eat the way we do today, or think and feel about eating as we now do. But we can trace the roots of our own eating culture back to the culinary world of early modern Europe, which invented cutlery, haute cuisine, the weight-loss diet...
Healing Spices How to Use 50 Everyday and Exotic Spices to Boost Health and Beat Disease
ISBN: HB: 9781402776632, GMC Group, Sterling, March 2011
336 pp., 20.3x15.4 cm, colour illus.
Breakthrough scientific research is finding that spices, even more than herbs, fruits, and vegetables, are loaded with antioxidants and other unique health-enhancing compounds. Studies of dietary patterns around the world confirm that spice-consuming...