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Good Housekeeping: Canning and Preserving 80+ Simple, Small-Batch Recipes
ISBN: HB: 9781618372338, GMC Group, Hearst, June 2018
128 pp., 25.4x21.6 cm, colour photos
Making your own great-tasting canned goods is wonderfully easy... and a delicious pleasure, too".Good Housekeeping: Canning and Preserving" teaches you all the techniques you need to get started, such as preparing mason jars and canning equipment and...
Good Housekeeping: Ultimate Grilling Cookbook 250 Sizzling Recipes
ISBN: HB: 9781618372673, GMC Group, Hearst, June 2018
320 pp., 25.4x21.6 cm, colour photos
Love to grill? Then turn to Good Housekeeping for scrumptious dishes that come out perfectly every time – and this go-to guide for grilling from the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen features more than 250 recipes and tips. Try a Green Chile Cheeseburge...
Good Fish 100 Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the Pacific Coast
ISBN: PB: 9781632171078, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, March 2018
336 pp., 25.4x20.3 cm, colour photos
Not for sale in selected countries! Making smart, sustainable seafood choices has never been more confusing but chef and seafood advocate Becky Selengut helps simplify the issue with Good Fish. The 100 recipes include salmon, as well as lingcod, Pa...
German-Jewish Cookbook Recipes and History of a Cuisine
ISBN: HB: 9781611688733, University of Chicago Press, Brandeis University Press, September 2017
272 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm
This cookbook features recipes for German-Jewish cuisine as it existed in Germany prior to World War II, and as refugees later adapted it in the United States and elsewhere. Because these dishes differ from more familiar Jewish food, they will be a d...
Graphic Design for Wine A Selection of Contemporary Wine Labels
ISBN: PB: 9788862421522, Prestel Publishing, Lettera Ventidue, March 2015
160 pp., 24x17 cm, colour illus., language: English / Italian
The book is a collection of about one hundred graphic designs for wineries of various size from across the world. The graphic design approaches are equally varied, either photographic or minimal, based on line drawings or digital concepts, resulting...
Gluten Free Tapas
ISBN: HB: 9781742575384, Bookport, New Holland Publishers, October 2014
208 pp., 26.1x23.2 cm, colour illus.
Tapas are tasty morsels of food traditionally served with drinks in cafes and bars of Spanish speaking nations. These small platefuls of food are meant for sharing with family and friends in a convivial environment. This delicious cookbook presents p...
Gluten-Free & Vegan Bread Artisanal Recipes to Make at Home
ISBN: PB: 9781570617805, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, October 2012
192 pp., 20.3x17 cm, colour illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! Make delicious gluten-free and vegan bread at home! Here are 65 simple recipes for yeasted breads, fougasse, flatbreads, sweet breads, sourdough, quick breads, savory breads, and sandwich breads. If you're on a g...