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Whole Again A Fresh Collection of Wholesome Recipes
ISBN: HB: 9780995118027, Prestel Publishing, Beatnik, October 2019
216 pp., 27.8x20.3 cm, colour and black&white illus.
"Whole Again" is a fresh collection of recipes shared by notable entrepreneurs from across New Zealand who are passionate about educating, inspiring and engaging a conversation about good health and eating well. The contributors draw from various sec...
Jerusalem Food Bold Flavors from the Middle East and Beyond
ISBN: HB: 9781454932925, GMC Group, Sterling, October 2019
224 pp., 23.5x19 cm, colour illus.
Shakshuka is the name of a dish that originally came from North Africa. It is a stew consisting of tomatoes, chili peppers, cumin, coriander and eggs. Shakshuka also means to mix or to shake up, and in many ways shakshuka exemplifies the food that ha...
Fresh Alaska Cookbook
ISBN: HB: 9781602233591, University of Chicago Press, University of Alaska Press, August 2018
144 pp., 25.4x17.8 cm, 63 colour plates
What's for dinner tonight? Is it something shaken from a bag or peeled from a plastic tray? Or is it flaky, fresh salmon paired with rhubarb-berry agua fresca? Alaska Native chef Rob Kinneen is out to revolutionize how Alaskans – and the world – see...
Clearing Spaces Inspirational Techniques to Heal Your Home
ISBN: PB: 9781454919582, GMC Group, Sterling, February 2017
128 pp., 27.6x21.6 cm, colour illus.
Out with the bad energy, in with the good! Khi Armandm a specialist in space clearing with expertise in rootwork and shamanism, offers a fantastic illustrated guide to resolving energetic issues in any home or office. He lays out such space-clearing...
Tea, Coffee and Chocolate How We Fell in Love with Caffeine
ISBN: HB: 9781851244065, Bodleian Library Publishing, October 2015
176 pp., 17x11 cm, 20 black&white illus.
Did you know that coffee was recommended as protection against the bubonic plague in the seventeenth century? Or that tea was believed to make men "unfit to do their business" and blamed for women becoming unattractive? On the other hand, a cup of ch...
Healthy Eating - Low Fructose 100 Recipes to Calm the Stomach
ISBN: FLEXI: 9781742574738, Bookport, New Holland Publishers, June 2015
132 pp., 25.9x23 cm, colour illus.
In Western countries approximately 1 in 3 people suffer from sometimes extremely severe digestion problems after ingesting frutose.For many,it has become a daily discomfort because high levels of frutose are now found in many foods,not just fruit. H...
Gluten-Free & Vegan Bread Artisanal Recipes to Make at Home
ISBN: PB: 9781570617805, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, October 2012
192 pp., 20.3x17 cm, colour illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! Make delicious gluten-free and vegan bread at home! Here are 65 simple recipes for yeasted breads, fougasse, flatbreads, sweet breads, sourdough, quick breads, savory breads, and sandwich breads. If you're on a g...