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Synergetic Stew Explorations in Dymaxion Dining
ISBN: ring binder: 9783037786437, Lars Muller Publishers, July 2020
128 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 57 illus.
Buckminster Fuller is globally known as a design scientist, architect, author, poet, engineer, and a true visionary, way ahead of his time. As a surprise gift for his eighty-sixth birthday, he received Synergetic Stew: a compilation of cooking recipe...
ring binder:
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
ISBN: PB: 9783037781265, Lars Muller Publishers, October 2015
152 pp., 18x12 cm
One of Fuller's most popular works, "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth", is a brilliant synthesis of his world view. In this very accessible volume, Fuller investigates the great challenges facing humanity. How will humanity survive? How does auto...
Ideas and Integrities A Spontaneous Autobiographical Disclosure
ISBN: PB: 9783037781982, Lars Muller Publishers, October 2009
416 pp., 18x12 cm, 50 black&white illus.
In "Ideas and Integrities" Buckminster Fuller describes the revolutionary designs and concepts he has pioneered – among them the geodesic dome, the Dymaxion world map, the Dymaxion 4-D house, the Dymaxion 4-D automobile, and the countless other struc...