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The information given below are general terms and conditions concerning ordering and shipment of books from publishers we represent. Please keep in mind that every client is treated individually. We are not an ossified, hostile institution with rigid rules and procedures.

So if you want to cooperate with us and want to know more about the conditions and terms simply write: [email protected].



We encourage you to cooperate with us!

Above all, there is one thing you need to have to sell the books of publishers  we represent – that is enthusiasm :)

You need to have an account at one or number of English wholesalers – depending on which publishing house's offer is of your interest. Go here for a list of wholesalers together with publishing houses assigned to them.

If you already have accounts opened at our distributors, please contact us to discuss the particular terms and conditions.

If you have not got an account yet, we recommend opening one by the use of the account opening form which can be found here: There is no charge for opening and maintaining the account and no obligation to make any orders. As a client you will be entitled to a trade discount, deferral of payment (being either in Pound sterling or in Euro) and – in most cases – you will have the right to return the unsold books within 12 months counting from the issuance date of the invoice (this is at your own expense and the books have to be undamaged).

The cost of the shipment is covered by you. Books can be delivered by one of the following methods:

  • By Traditional mail (Royal Mail) – in such a case the delivery cost will be specified on the invoice issued by the wholesaler. You can estimate the approximate cost of a parcel yourself at the following site: or ask the wholesaler for an accurate valuation. Traditional mail is usually a good solution for shipping smaller orders. Keep in mind, though, that the delivery might take quite a while and is untrackable.
  • By Worldwide Book Services (WBS) ( – a delivery company that specializes in transporting books only. You will be asked to sign a contract with them and they will issue a separate invoice, which means that delivery costs will not be specified on the invoice issued by the wholesaler. The transport of books from the wholesaler to WBS is free of charge and takes up to maximum 5 working days. Further transport – that is from WBS to you is at your expense and is calculated according to a fare agreed upon individually  between you and WBS.
  • By other popular delivery companies such as
    DPD ( or
    DHL (

  • Or by any other method, appointed by you.