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ULTIMATE GUTFIXx How To Succeed Living A Plant Based Lifestyle
ISBN: PB: 9781760790059, Bookport, New Holland Publishers, July 2020
152 pp., 19x15.5 cm, black&white illus.
At last, a solution to gut issues, which becomes a lifestyle for the health of the human body and planet earth, all wrapped into one very interesting and informative read. Scott Mathias is a "self healed", upwardly mobile 60+ year old vegan chef and...
Raw Vegan Meals Recipes for Healthy Eating
ISBN: FLEXI: 9781742578545, Bookport, New Holland Publishers, April 2016
192 pp., 50x32.1 cm, colour illus.
Raw vegan food is entirely plant-based and uncooked so as not to destroy the all-important nutrients that nature has provided. Scott Mathias embarked on this way of eating after a lifetime of digestive woes,embracing the vegan journey that has change...
Let's Eat Raw
ISBN: PB: 9781742574882, Bookport, New Holland Publishers, June 2014
192 pp., 26.7x21.9 cm, colour illus.
Scott Mathias is a former Television Journalist who now spends his time educating men and women in Australia and overseas on the importance of good gut function and healthy eating. His creativity in the kitchen has gained him an enviable culinary not...