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Competing Norms State Regulations and Local Praxis in sub-Saharan Africa
ISBN: PB: 9783593506531, University of Chicago Press, Campus Verlag, February 2017
271 pp., 21.6x14 cm, 1 line drawing, 2 maps
States in sub-Saharan Africa, as anywhere else, are vested with the authority to implement laws and sanction their application. But in spite of a growing emphasis in Africa on participatory approaches to legislation, little research has focused on th...
Feelings at the Margins Dealing with Violence, Stigma and Isolation in Indonesia
ISBN: PB: 9783593500058, University of Chicago Press, Campus Verlag, June 2014
240 pp., 21.5x13.9 cm, 5 halftones
"Feelings at the Margins" offers a uniquely interdisciplinary take on the contemporary phenomenon of marginalization in Indonesia and its emotional impact on affected individuals and groups. By combining anthropological, political, and historical per...
Spirits in Politics Uncertainties of Power and Healing in African Societies
ISBN: PB: 9783593399157, University of Chicago Press, Campus Verlag, February 2014
265 pp., 21.5x13.9 cm
"Spirits in Politics" explores the interface between religion and politics in African societies by examining recent and ongoing research in a variety of regional settings. Case studies from across the African continent exemplify how – and at which so...
People at the Well Kinds, Usages and Meanings of Water in a Global Perspective
ISBN: PB: 9783593396101, University of Chicago Press, Campus Verlag, August 2013
316 pp., 21.6x14 cm, 6 tables, 7 halftones, 73 colour illus.
"People at the Well" investigates habits, practices, and meanings of water through case studies from around the world. With its wide range and impressive diversity, this volume points to water practices in different cultures and shows that water is m...
Reproductive Technologies as Global Form Ethnographies of Knowledge, Practices, and Transnational Encounters
ISBN: PB: 9783593391007, University of Chicago Press, Campus Verlag, May 2012
320 pp., 22x14 cm
In the thirty years since the first "test-tube baby", in-vitro fertilization and other methods of reproductive assistance have become a common aspect of family life and medicine in developed nations – and, increasingly, throughout the world. This col...
Cultural Transfers in Dispute Representations in Asia, Europe and the Arab World since the Middle Ages
ISBN: PB: 9783593394046, University of Chicago Press, Campus Verlag, September 2011
300 pp., 22x14 cm
Our conception of cultures and cultural change has altered dramatically in recent decades: no longer do we understand cultures as isolated units; rather, we see them as hybrid formations constantly engaged in a multidirectional process of exchange an...