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Inside World Contemporary Aboriginal Australian Memorial Poles
ISBN: HB: 9783791358161, Prestel Publishing, February 2019
160 pp., 27x25 cm, 110 colour illus.
Traditionally used in Aboriginal funeral ceremonies, memorial poles have been transformed into compelling contemporary artworks. The memorial pole is made from the trunk of the Eucalyptus tetradonta, hollowed naturally by termites. When the bones of...
Emmanuel Honorato Vazquez A Modernist in the Andes
ISBN: HB: 9788417047344, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, April 2018
142 pp., 30.8x22.7 cm, photos
This book introduces the virtually unknown work of Ecuadorian photographer Emmanuel Honorato Vazquez (1893-1924), whose anticlerical, bohemian milieu epitomized a moment in which conservative Ecuadorian society was awakening to confront modernity.