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ISBN: PB: 9788024622286

University of Chicago Press, Karolinum Press

October 2013

170 pp.

24.1x17 cm

40 halftones, 3 tables



Contemporary Funeral Rituals of Sa'dan Toraja

From Aluk Todolo to "New" Religions

Not for sale in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic!

The Sa'dan Toraja are an ethnic group who live primarily on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. This rigorous academic study by noted expert Michaela Budiman examines the deep cultural shifts among the Toraja during the last century through the lens of their most important ritual – funerals. This book specifically addresses the conversion of the Toraja from their indigenous religion, Aluk Todolo, to Christianity and how this shift is reflected in their contemporary funeral practices and understanding of both death and grief.

About the Author

Michaela Budiman teaches Indonesian Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague.