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ISBN: HB: 9781851240753

Bodleian Library Publishing

January 2006

96 pp.

25x17.6 cm

72 colour illus.



Ralph Ayres' Cookery Book

At a dinner in New College, Oxford in 1774, the first course included cod with oysters, ham, fowls, boiled beef, rabbits smothered with onions, mutton, veal collops, pork griskins (lean part of the loin), New College Puddings, mince pies, and roots (vegetables). In the second course were roast turkey, haunch of venison, a brace of woodcocks, snipes, veal olives, trifle, blancmange, stewed pippins, and preserved quinces. As was the custom, dinner was served in Oxford between midday and 2 pm, when the dons were expected to wear white waistcoats, wigs and gowns. This is the world in which Ralph Ayres, head cook at New College, lived in the eighteenth century, and which he brings to life in his exquisite little book of recipes. The book gives a fascinating picture of the eighteenth century kitchen, a period of great interest to social and culinary historians, and will also appeal to anyone with an interest in food and cookery. Recipes for famous dishes such as Quaking Pudding, Oxford Sausages, Damson Preserve and other delights are contained in this little book, and many of them are still quite practicable. This publication reproduces the attractive and legible script of the original, includes a fascinating fact about a recipe or ingredient on each page, and is illustrated with beautiful botanical illustrations.

About the Author

Jane Jakeman is an Oxford author who edited another historical recipe book, the award-winning Kidder's Receipts, for the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.