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Paper Drone Make and Fly Your Own Paper Drone!
ISBN: PB: 9786059192750, GMC Group, Tuva, September 2019
120 pp., 29.8x21.6 cm, colour illus.
Drones have grown in popularity over the past few years and now kids can make their very own paper drones with this fun new book from Lee Hee-Woo. Kids can easily create and fly 18 popular drones including The Super Glider, VTOL and the SU-27; as wel...
Scrapyard Armour Scenes from a Russian Armour Scrapyard
ISBN: PB: 9780993564604, Casemate, AFV Modeller, April 2017
116 pp., 29.7x21 cm
116 pages featuring 3 different model builds and 40 pages of walkaround images from the scrapyard Armour.
Fallschirmjager In Action Figures
ISBN: PB: 9782352500049, Casemate, April 2008
80 pp., 21.5x21.6 cm, full colour throughout
Among all the German elite forces, the "Green Devils" distinguished themselves, from the early stages of WWII, by their feats, their esprit-decorps and a chivalry towards their adversaries. From a uniform point of view, the rich variety of their fiel...