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Food in Painting From the Renaissance to the Present
ISBN: HB: 9781861892133, Reaktion Books, October 2004
240 pp., 25x19 cm, 68 black&white illus., 79 colour illus.
"Food in Painting" is a sumptuous exploration of food images in European and American painting from the early Renaissance to the present. Kenneth Bendiner sees such images as a separate classification of art, with its own history, and offers novel re...
Eater's Guide to Chinese Characters
ISBN: PB: 9780226555928, University of Chicago Press, May 2004
254 pp., 20.3x13 cm, 23 menus in Chinese
Lauded by Calvin Trillin as a man who "does not have to make to with translations like 'Shredded Three Kinds' in Chinese restaurants", in "The Eater's Guide to Chinese Characters", James D. McCawley offers everyone a guide to deciphering the mysterie...