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Dumplings = Love 40 Innovative Recipes From Around the World
ISBN: HB: 9781632172969, GMC Group, Sasquatch Books, January 2021
176 pp., 20.9x17.8 cm, colour illus.
Not for sale in selected countries! Shumai, gyoza, mandu, komber, pierogis: a dumpling by any other name would taste as comforting. The original comfort food in every culture, the humble dumpling takes center stage in this full-color cookbook. Auth...
Cook the Mountain The Nature Around You
ISBN: BOX: 9783791387161, Prestel Publishing, November 2020
560 pp., 33x28 cm, 2 volumes in jewellery packaging, printed on apple paper and bound with apple leather
Explore the hyperlocal approach of acclaimed chef Norbert Niederkofler, from his home in South Tyrol in the Italian Alps to the world and back. Norbert Niederkofler has dedicated his life and work to South Tyrol's culture and cuisine. He translates t...
Melissa Forti's Christmas Baking Book
ISBN: HB: 9783791386379, Prestel Publishing, October 2020
224 pp., 24.5x18.5 cm, 110 colour illus., 7 black&white illus.
Christmas is the time of year when people reach for their aprons and measuring spoons to transform butter, sugar, and flour into delectable treats. Melissa Forti's contemporary, yet steeped in tradition, approach to baking appeals to beginner and sea...
Savoir-Faire A History of Food in France
ISBN: HB: 9781789143324, Reaktion Books, October 2020
344 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm, 98 illus., 72 in colour
This is a comprehensive account of France's rich culinary history, not only full of tales of haute cuisine, but seasoned with myths and stories from a wide variety of times and places; from snail hunting in Burgundy to female chefs in Lyon, and from...
Incredible Jello Over 40 Fantastic Appetizers and Desserts
ISBN: HB: 9784865052244, Nippan IPS, September 2020
96 pp., 25.7x18.2 cm, 100 colour and black&white illus., language: English
Forty-one fanciful gelatin recipes. "Incredible Jello: Over 40 Fantastical Appetizers and Desserts" is a collection of gelatin recipes that use fruits and vegetables in their entirety, even their peels! After removing the flesh of the fruit, you can...
Behind Bars High Class Cocktails Inspired by Low Life Gangsters
ISBN: HB: 9783791386843, Prestel Publishing, September 2020
144 pp., 18.7x15 cm, 60 colour illus.
It's been a century since the prohibition sent Americans scurrying to speakeasies. And decades since the movie industry turned mobsters into celebrities. Now the two worlds collide in this highly original pocket-sized collection that creates signatur...
Saffron A Global History
ISBN: HB: 9781789143300, Reaktion Books, September 2020
144 pp., 19.7x12 cm, 58 illus., 54 in colour
Explore the dramatic history of the world's most expensive spice in "Saffron: A Global History". Literally worth their weight in gold, sunset-red saffron threads are prized internationally. Saffron can be found in cave art in Mesopotamia, in the fres...
Vanilla A Global History
ISBN: HB: 9781789143409, Reaktion Books, September 2020
152 pp., 19.7x12 cm, 53 illus., 44 in colour
Intoxicating and evocative, vanilla is so much more than a spice rack staple. It is a flavour that has defined the entire world – and its roots reach deep into the past. With its earliest origins dating back 70 million years, the history of vanilla b...
Botany of Gin
ISBN: HB: 9781851245536, Bodleian Library Publishing, September 2020
112 pp., 21x14.8 cm, 35 colour illus.
From its roots in ancient Greek herbal medicine, the popular spirit we now know as gin was established by the Dutch in the sixteenth century as a juniper-infused tincture to cure fevers. It gained notoriety during the London 'gin craze' in the eighte...
ULTIMATE GUTFIXx How To Succeed Living A Plant Based Lifestyle
ISBN: PB: 9781760790059, Bookport, New Holland Publishers, July 2020
152 pp., 19x15.5 cm, black&white illus.
At last, a solution to gut issues, which becomes a lifestyle for the health of the human body and planet earth, all wrapped into one very interesting and informative read. Scott Mathias is a "self healed", upwardly mobile 60+ year old vegan chef and...